advance your career


Be on the winning side with LP Experts.
As a certified personnel consultant, we not only maintain the best contacts to small, well-known companies, but we also count large corporations among our partners.

you will not only benefit from the good networking and unique positions in the market!

A personal and individual advice, tailored to your needs, distinguishes us and will help you open doors and break new ground.

10 good reasons for LP Experts

  • Find work quickly
    • one application, many opportunities
    • the opportunity to get to know interesting companies
    • Fast work experience
    • Different jobs and varied activities..
    • Gain additional qualifications
  • Learn to better assess your own strengths and abilities
    • Increase in value on the job market through valuable references
    • Opportunities for a takeover by our customers
  • Simplified re-entry into working life
What is Firstbird?

Firstbird’s vision is “to bring people and jobs together in the most natural and efficient way – through personal recommendation!” Together we will give rise to new success stories.

What is a talent scout and what does it have to do?

Talent Scouts are the foundation of the LP Experts Referral program in partnership with Firstbird. They are the ones who share job offers and recommend candidates, they to bring people and companies together to earn attractive bonuses.

Who can become Talent Scout?

Everyone can slip in the role of the “counterpart” and become a talent scout. Whether you are looking for a job or are already satisfied, for everyone there is a door to become Talent Scout.

Are there any bonuses?

Of course, your effort will not be unnoticed. There are attractive rewards that can be achieved through a variety of activities. For further information please contact us at 01 308 88 22 0 or

What is the next step?

We have aroused your interest? Please contact us at 01 308 88 22 0 or and join us for the Talent Scout!