Service quality & Employee motivation.


Temporary work

Short-term staff shortages, increased order volumes, illness-related downtime, urgent staffing needs or temporary projects. The solution? The use of temporary work.

Companies and industries are often subject to their own rhythms, to which they have to adapt again and again.

We would like to make this regulation easier for you and respond to your very individual personnel questions and projects.

The use of skilled temporary workers gives you the flexibility you need to succeed in the market and the freedom to focus on your core business.

Your advantages

  • planning security
  • Cost transparency – you only pay for the actual hours worked.
  • No time-consuming personnel search
  • No employer risk
  • No risk of default
  • Time unlimited assignments
  • Experts for your variable project assignments
  • Reduction of administrative staff agendas
  • Targeted and flexible setup of your core workforce
  • Acquisition of workers possible at any time

Payrolling Services.

Enge Headcount-Zielvorgaben, aber Sie können und wollen auf keines Ihrer Teammitglieder verzichten?

Damit Ihre unentbehrlichen Mitarbeiter weiterhin bei Ihnen im Einsatz bleiben können, übernehmen wir die Dienstgeberfunktion. So reduzieren Sie Ihre Headcounts und halten gleichzeitig bestehende Teams zusammen, um für Wissen und Erfahrung in Ihrem Unternehmen zu sorgen.

So können Sie sich jederzeit auf eine pünktliche Gehaltsabrechnung, ein ordnungsgemäßes Abführen aller gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Abgaben und eine ordentliche Verwaltung der Abwesenheitszeiten verlassen.

Ihre Vorteile

  • Flexible Handhabung Ihres Headcounts
  • Keine Belastung Ihrer Personalkostenstelle
  • Entlastung Ihrer Administration
  • Know-how Ihrer Mitarbeiter bleibt erhalten
  • Sicherheit für Ihre Mitarbeiter durch weiterbestehendes fixes Dienstverhältnis
  • Einfache, transparente Abrechnung durch monatliche Verrechnungspauschale

Student pool.

If temporary work and payrolling are not an appropriate solution for you, we are happy to offer you access to our extensive and well-maintained student pool. In our daily current database you will find a lot of qualified candidates to scout, even at short notice, for daily tasks, replacements for employees on holiday or other temporary applications.

Benefit from a variety of educational institutions and their different degree programs, ranging from social sciences to economics.

In addition to well-founded and theoretical knowledge, our students also bring know-how from practice, with which everyone can learn from each other. Whether part-time or full-time, we adapt the employment relationship to your needs.


  • lowest lead time
  • fastest possible start of work
  • Bridging the holidays in summer
  • Top cover of Christmas business
  • daily assignment possible
  • minor employment possible
  • Daily updated pool

HR consulting.

Benefit from the experience of an established recruitment consultancy, the network of a recognized industry insider and the access to top actual, attractive applicant database, thanks to our partnership with Lindlpower.

 Where temporary work and payrolling services no longer cover your needs, our partner company Lindlpower is happy to look for suitable employees for your company.

At Lindlpower, quality is not a mere phrase, but a lived mission statement. In addition to a well-known international group, small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries, are also part of our partner’s customer portfolio. Cooperation comes first.

 Driven by the principles of friendship, plain language and trust, Lindlpower’s team strives to outgrow itself every day, with the goal of writing recruiting history with each client. Whatever you are looking for, Lindlpower finds it.


  • Over 15 years of industry experience
  • the human being comes first
  • over 20 recruiting tools that are used
  • 4.0 recruiting channels
  • Specialists in respective branches