Temporary work, Payroll services and more

Your individual company situation represents our personal challenge. We are able to precisely meet your needs with our differentiated service portfolio. Through this, you will get the employees, which are best suited for your company.

Flexible personnel consulting services in the fields of

  • Administration/Organisation/Merchandise Positions
  • Technology
  • IT
  • Expert positions

Economizing? Yes! But do not economize on service quality or employee motivation.
Employee shortages have to be addressed fast and flexibly without forgetting the costs. Our main focus, however, will always be on the individual human being. Customer, employee and applicant loyalty represent the best basis for quality and motivation.

Expert Solutions.
Recognizing competent applicants requires certain knowledge of the human nature, sensitivity and experience. We at LP Experts offer all of these characteristics, but we also have the professionalism, methods and instruments to detect professional qualification. This is why we find a suitable candidate for every vacancy. And we really keep our promise. Take our word for it.